It only took 11 seasons, but The Walking Dead might've just dropped its first true F-bomb. Given the stressful nature of the zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead's characters are surprisingly restrained when it comes to cursing. While AMC is liberal with its distribution of "sh*t," the F-bomb is a seldom used weapon in The Walking Dead's linguistic arsenal, largely thanks to the network restricting its usage to twice per season (although that's still more than we've seen in the past). So, while the F-word has been uttered in the zombie apocalypse, it hasn't been used with the appropriate levels of vigor and enthusiasm.

A handful of F-bombs that appear in The Walking Dead are exclusive to home media releases, censored for the original broadcast, limited to spinoffs, or otherwise downplayed, with Rick's "They're f**king with the wrong people" line from The Walking Dead season 5 among the more disappointing cuts. The (now former) best F-bomb came in The Walking Dead season 9 via Daryl, but even then the line sounds much more prominent in the home media version.

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In season 11's "Trust," The Walking Dead finally drops a "f**k" that's both clear as a bell and free of censorship. While the Commonwealth is looking around Hilltop seeking evidence of collusion with the "criminals" from Riverbend apartment complex, Lance Hornsby tries manipulating young Hershel into squealing. Elijah reacts badly, grabbing Lance by the scruff of the neck, then Maggie heightens the drama further by pulling her gun. Daryl naturally sides with his friends, attempting to talk down Lance and the small army of Commonwealth soldiers surrounding them. As the tension rises, Daryl warns, "Tell them to drop the guns before something really f**king bad happens."

While it's easy to come across childish when celebrating F-bombs on The Walking Dead, the desire for swearing is simply a desire for realism. Given the mature themes at play and the horrors characters face, it always sounds unnatural when terms like "screwing" and "goddamn" substitute a good, old-fashioned "f**k." Daryl cursing adds some spice to the confrontation at Hilltop, and helps sell the anger between sides, emphasizing how much is at stake. You could also argue that F-bombs in The Walking Dead have only become a noteworthy occurrence because of AMC's reluctance to use them in even the most extreme situations.

Some might argue it's too little, too late on the F-front, but AMC has one more left in the chamber for The Walking Dead's final season. You'd imagine that'll be saved for the very end when something truly shocking happens, like Rick Grimes returns, or the CRM massacres Alexandria. Either way, Daryl's line shows AMC's willingness to use vulgar vocabulary to its fullest extent as The Walking Dead's end draws into view.

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