Titans season 4 shares a new look at Joseph Morgan's upcoming DC Comics villain in a new image. One of HBO Max's most popular DC shows is Titans, which is a grittier take on the Teen Titans mythology. Titans season 3 got very personal for the heroes as they headed to Gotham City to deal with a foe that was no stranger to them: Jason Todd, now operating as Red Hood. It turned out in the end that Jonathan Crane, a.k.a. Scarecrow, was the true big bad all along.

After scoring a season 4 renewal, Titans is coming back at some point in 2022. While no premiere date has been set yet, it's expected to have a similar window as Titans season 3, most likely during the summer. As plot details remain heavily under guard, Warner Bros. TV has disclosed a bit of information for Titans season 4 in terms of the villains they will face. One of them is Joseph Morgan as Brother Blood, who is a classic Teen Titans baddie from the group's mythology.

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As Titans season 4 is currently in production, fans have finally gotten a first look at Morgan's new character. Shared by Morgan himself, the actor revealed a close-up of Brother Blood's alter-ego Sebastian Sanger, teasing him as a "lonely guy working the night shift at a dead end job, dreaming of someday changing the world." Check out the image in the space below:

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Given that Titans season 4 only began shooting roughly two months ago, it seems clear that this is still early on in the season for Sebastian's arc. Morgan had previously teased that Titans, like with its heroes, will give Sebastian a full origin story on how he becomes Brother Blood. This is a change-up from some of the show's previous villains like Deathstroke, Trigon, and Scarecrow, which makes Brother Blood a refreshing antagonist. Unfortunately for the heroes, Sebastian won't be the only new foe to mess with the team as Titans season 4 will also see the arrival of Mother Mayhem and Jinx.

While Titans isn't fully part of the Arrowverse, this won't be the first time a Greg Berlanti-produced series involves Brother Blood. Lucifer star Kevin Alejandro played a different take of Sebastian during Arrow season 2, who ultimately turned to the good side before getting killed. Since it has been roughly nine years, it will be intriguing to see just how different Titans season 4's iteration of Brother Blood will be as Morgan's character clashes with the heroes. Hopefully, as Titans season 4 get further into its production, fans will not have to wait long to see Sebastian's Brother Blood costume.

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