Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach is the latest in a long line of successful horror games, but Poppy Playtime manages to be better despite being new. The two series are both hits, but Poppy Playtime wins out for a few different reasons. There's only one entry in the series for now, but Chapter 2 has been teased and will hopefully be out soon. The lore is still unfolding, so whether or not the next chapter will be better than FNAF is uncertain, but from the looks of the trailer, it's quite possible.

In Security Breach, unlike in most FNAF games, the player isn't restricted to a chair or a few different spots to stand in. They explore a fully open Mega Pizzaplex, filled with the animatronics that made the series famous. Every FNAF game has its own scares and charm, including Security Breach. They'll have to survive until 6 am for just one night as they work to uncover the mysteries of the Pizzaplex and decommission the other animatronics with the help of Freddy Fazbear's newest incarnation. In Poppy Playtime, players take on the role of an unnamed ex-employee of the Playtime Co. toy factory, which has been shuttered for years due to mysterious disappearances. They'll use the GrabPack to evade the monstrous Huggy Wuggy in their bid to free the titular toy of the series, Poppy.

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Poppy Playtime was released just a couple of months before Security Breach, and it's managed to outshine the latest FNAF since. Security Breach has somewhat fallen from the gaming community's eye since it came out, whereas Poppy Playtime is like a cult classic. Part of the reason is that it has more freedom to experiment with different themes whereas Five Nights At Freddy's is somewhat locked into its past elements. It's not necessary to know all of Poppy Playtime's lore before playing. The same can be said of Security Breach, but certain things will make more sense to long-time followers of the series than to newcomers. Scott Cawthon's retirement means that FNAF's future is up in the air, whereas Poppy Playtime is just getting started.

Poppy Playtime Is More Engaging Than Security Breach

Poppy Playtime's Make-A-Friend machine powers on.

Poppy Playtime is primarily a horror game, but it also mixes in some other aspects. Players have to solve various puzzles with the help of the GrabPack as they make their way through Playtime Co. Solving the puzzles forces them to take an active role in the game, and think hard about what to do next. Although it might seem like this detracts from the horror, the fact that Huggy Wuggy is always right around the corner usually means that the distraction sets up for a sudden jumpscare. Solving Poppy Playtime's Make-A-Friend room puzzle and all the other challenges that the game throws at players introduces a rising panic when a giant blue monster that wants to eat their faces is included. Frantically trying to do a puzzle while Huggy Wuggy charges at the player may even be more frightening than the scare that follows.

Most FNAF games have had the player sitting in a room while the animatronics try to break in. Although it's scary, the simple point-and-click gameplay mechanics make it less so than Poppy Playtime. Even Security Breach, where there's an open space to roam, focuses more on avoiding the animatronics than anything else, so players don't take on as much of an active role as they do in Poppy Playtime. The simple fact is that players have to do more in the Playtime Co. factory than in the Mega Pizzaplex. Security Breach is FNAF's lowest-ranked game partly because it couldn't do what Poppy Playtime did. Taking on a more active role makes players more engaged with the game, which in turn leads to a better scare when they fail and see the main monster jump out at their face.

Poppy Playtime's Monsters Are Better Than Security Breach's Animatronics

Is Poppy Playtime Free To Play

In Poppy Playtime, the main threat comes from Huggy Wuggy, the iconic antagonist. His origins are mysterious, but his motives are not. Upon catching the player, he will apparently eat them, evidenced by the fact that he lunges at their face with his mouth wide open. The frequent messages of "I'm Starving" support this, and add an extra air of dread to the game. Being chased through the halls of an abandoned toy factory is scary, being chased by a giant blue monster is even scarier, and the thought of being eaten alive if caught is even scarier than that. Playing Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 before Chapter 2 isn't necessary, but it may help new players understand just how horrifying the series is. Huggy Wuggy's sharp rows of teeth are deeply unsettling, and his sudden, jerky movements are frightening on a deep level. The fact that he can fit through tight spaces to follow the player only makes him worse.

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Compared to Huggy Wuggy, the Security Breach animatronics just don't make the cut. They're scary, but not as much as Huggy Wuggy. Their movement is fairly awkward, and their kid-friendly and somewhat overdone designs mean that they aren't as much as Poppy Playtime's monsters. It's much easier to avoid them, and players even gain a way to fight back after a while in the form of the camera and the Fazer Blaster. Huggy Wuggy is indomitable until the very end of the game, so he's just plain scarier.

The Mega Pizzaplex itself is also less scary than Funtime Co. Poppy Playtime's classic-toy-inspired monsters are only one aspect of its horror. Security Breach relies mostly on the animatronics to induce nightmares, but almost every part of Poppy Playtime's environment is designed to frighten. From the bloodstains scattered across the walls and floor to the general feeling of neglect, every aspect of Poppy Playtime's world comes together to give players the scare of their lives.

Poppy Playtime Doesn't Hold The Player's Hand Like Security Breach Does

Poppy Playtime Mommy Long Legs Chapter 2 Trailer Holding Huggy Wuggy

Possibly the scariest aspect of Poppy Playtime, and what makes it better than Security Breach, is the fact that players are going in blind. The only guidance they get is a note right at the start, presumably sent by Poppy herself. The rest of the game, they're left to figure things out for themselves. Not only are there no mission objectives, but they're also completely without allies. They are totally and truly alone in the factory, aside of course from the bloodthirsty monsters that inhabit it. Finding the red GrabPack hand in Poppy Playtime is just the start of the challenges that the player must face without any friendly animatronic bear to guide them.

In Security Breach, Freddy Fazbear is not only not trying to kill the player, in direct contrast with other FNAF games, but he actually helps them. He provides the FazWatch, as well as helpful tips and directions to the next destination. He serves as a way to hide from the other animatronics and to navigate the Mega Pizzaplex. He's a crucial ally, but his presence blunts the horror and detracts from the game somewhat. Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach holds the player's hand much more than Poppy Playtime, which lets players explore freely.

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