Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac reacts to his fans calling him daddy. Isaac made his Marvel debut on March 30 with the premiere of Moon Knight, where he plays the vigilante who serves as an avatar for the Egyptian god Khonshu. The god works through Marc Spector, a CIA agent who's the host of a dissociate identity disorder (DID) system. The audience, however, is most familiar with Marc's alter Steven Grant, a "gift-shopper" who's only just beginning to learn about Marc, Khonshu, and what he's really been doing when he thinks he's asleep at night.

With two episodes out so far, Isaac and his Moon Knight performance have been highly praised. Both the audience as well as the cast and crew themselves have expressed their amazement at his portrayal of Marc and Steven, including Isaac's sensitive approach to showing the realities of DID. For many viewers, this has made an already easily admirable actor even more lovable. Isaac has never been shy about understanding his fans and listening to the things they want from him and his performances, and it seems as if Moon Knight thus far isn't an exception to that.

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Now, Isaac has yet again proven his dedication to his fans. In an interview with ETtoday星光雲, Isaac was informed that some of his fans in Taiwan and China call him "daddy," especially following his performance as Duke Leto Atreides in Dune. He was then asked if he liked the nickname, and he responded insisting that he was unaware he had earned it. Isaac seemed unfazed as he offered a sweet response that he's okay with them calling him that, finishing it off with a genuine "I don't mind." See his full response to learning such knowledge below:

I didn't know the fans call me daddy, but that's okay. They can call me daddy if they want to. I don't mind.

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Isaac has long since been a source of many audience's affections, spanning from his Star Wars appearance as Poe Dameron to his most recent Marvel appearance. Even Star Wars co-star John Boyega expressed his open admiration for Isaac when the first look at him in Dune was revealed, with an Instagram post that exclaimed "FACKING ELL OSCAR!" With Isaac being a real-life father outside of his work on the screen, it makes sense he'd be comfortable with earning such a title from his fans. What this truly shows is Isaac's appreciation for his fans in all they do, along with heartfelt genuineness about how he addresses him.

There's no doubt this appreciation for Isaac will only grow as Moon Knight continues on. The hero's future in the MCU is still as yet unknown, but the creative team behind the series has openly expressed their interest in expanding his story onto the big screen. Many of the connections between Moon Knight and the MCU are also still a secret, though it's likely that future episodes of the series will reveal more ties between them. As for now, viewers can continue to sit back and enjoy Isaac's performance thus far in the newest Marvel series, and maybe even try out his certified nickname for themselves.

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Source: ETtoday星光雲/Instagram

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