Warning! Spoilers ahead for Moon Knight episode 1.

While Marvel's  Moon Knight is opening the door for a brand new pantheon of gods in the MCU, it does present an interesting challenge for Thor: Love and Thunder and its upcoming villain. At the moment, the term "god" in the MCU stands to become pretty confusing, especially in relation to how Asgardians have been defined in relation to any other groups of gods who might exist. While it hasn't been an issue prior to Moon Knight, the upcoming explorations into Egyptian mythology may need to offer some explanations for the origins of this new pantheon, especially with an upcoming villain whose sole mission and vendetta is to kill gods.

In Moon Knight episode 1, museum gift shop employee Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) discovers that he leads an entirely different life when he's asleep. In truth, Grant is an alter of Marc Spector, who lives with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Marc also holds the power of Moon Knight, the chosen avatar of the Egyptian god Khonshu. As readers of the comics know, Spector was chosen by the moon god Khonsu to become his fist and deliver justice. While Steven was unaware of Marc before this first episode, his job in a museum of Egyptian artifacts and interest in mythology implies a subconscious connection to Marc's seemingly divine calling.

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Considering Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow, who serves the goddess Ammit, it seems as though more Egyptian gods do indeed exist in the MCU beyond Khonshu. As such, some interesting challenges and questions have been created, including what, exactly, the term "god" means in the MCU. Asgardians were once perceived as gods with their power and technology being seen as magic when they were really an alien race. While the same may be true for the Egyptian pantheon known as the Ennead, they might also be more supernatural. Furthermore, it raises questions about whether or not they'll be in the crosshairs of Christian Bale's Gorr the God Butcher, the antagonist of the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. In the comics, Gorr's vendetta is against all gods in the universe after his prayers were heard but ignored by his own people's gods. It became his life's mission to kill all the gods. If the same is true in the MCU, it's fair to ask how Gorr will define who is and isn't a god.


It certainly seems as though some explanation should be provided about the true origins of the Ennead as Moon Knight continues. It does seem as though the easiest method to define a god in the MCU is whether or not they were ever worshipped as such. However, that's not a perfect solution seeing as how some of the Eternals were worshipped as well. Regardless, this could be Gorr's metric as he goes after the God of Thunder and his allies. While it remains to be seen if the Egyptian Ennead will likewise be in danger, Russell Crowe is confirmed to be playing the Greek god Zeus in the upcoming Thor sequel. This likely indicates that more than just the Asgardians will be targeted by Bale's version of Gorr.

While there's still a lot Steven Grant (and audiences) don't know about Moon Knight and his god, the premiere suggests that the veil will soon be lifted in the episodes to come. Marc will likely have no choice but to explain his role to his alter, who was seemingly kept in the dark by design. In any case, the origins of these new Egyptian gods will hopefully be revealed as Moon Knight progresses, especially with a god-killing villain on his way in the MCU with Thor: Love and Thunder.

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