Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Moon Knight episode 2.

In the last moments of Moon Knight episode 2, Arthur breaks his own rule of killing. The first MCU show of 2022, Moon Knight introduces Oscar Isaac’s titular character. Moon Knight wasted no time in revealing its enigmatic villain Arthur Harrow, played by Ethan Hawke. Although much is yet to be known about Arthur, he has established certain rules about his beliefs and way of living.

Arthur Harrow is presented as a cult leader who is seeking to rid the world from pain and suffering by preventing evil before it can happen. By resurrecting the Egyptian goddess Ammit, finding her location with the golden scarab, he wishes to wield her power to kill evil people under specific rules. Carrying a double-headed cane imbued with the goddess’s powers, Arthur already passes judgment, with his living tattoo of balance scales representing the fate of a person. If judged good, they are spared, but if they have or will commit crimes Arthur’s scales tattoo declares their fate and Arthur kills them instantly. Although his mission is vicious and bloodthirsty, Arthur is established as having a strong rule for who lives and who dies.

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In Moon Knight episode 2, Arthur’s quest for the scarab ends with him breaking his own rule. As a random man picks up the scarab, Arthur Harrow immediately negotiates a trade, promising food and clothing in exchange for the scarab. However, Arthur’s word is voided when he kills the man — draining his life force even without doing the balance ceremony. This hints at how truly evil Arthur is, as he is willing to bend his own rules for his own gain and satisfaction. Suddenly, purging the world of torment is not his main concern. His desperation is evident when he sends a jackal for Marc Spector, who possesses Moon Knight’s powers. With his eyes firmly set on the scarab, there is no stopping him, even though his action is driven by the same evil of which he is trying to cleanse the world.

Arthur Harrow Kills Man For Scarab

This glimpse into Arthur Harrow's true character solidifies Moon Knight connection between him and Khonshu. As the Egyptian god’s former avatar, Harrow has paid the same servitude and perhaps committed the same, if not worse, crimes as Marc Spector. Showing how willing Arthur is to kill an unknown person establishes why he was previously chosen as an avatar; he is a ruthless killer who firmly stands his ground and does everything necessary to accomplish a goal, and also some additional violence besides.

It is important to note that, although Moon Knight has given Arthur rules for killing, there is no valid reason for Arthur to kill that man. Harrow's victim obviously does not know what the golden scarab is meant for, and the man might well have even taken Arthur Harrow up on his offer and maintained his silence on the issue. It seems that Arthur considers the situation too delicate to take any risks; even so, his willingness to kill an innocent raises suspicions about his real motives in Moon Knight.

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