Universal debuts a new teaser for the long-awaited Minions: The Rise of Gru ahead of its premiere this summer. The next installment in the Despicable Me franchise takes things back to where it all began for aspiring villain Gru (Steve Carell). Picking up from where the $1.16 billion-grossing Minions left off, The Rise of Gru finds the yellow-skinned creatures finally aligned with Gru as the young bad guy plots to join a supervillain group known as the Vicious 6. When he's shunned by the fearsome villains, Gru steals a priceless artifact from them, but everything goes sideways when said artifact is promptly lost by one of the Minions.

Minions: The Rise of Gru has been a long time coming for Universal. It was supposed to premiere in July 2020 and dominate the summer movie season. However, the coronavirus pandemic forced Universal to delay Minions 2 by a year. Then, when moviegoing conditions were still questionable, the studio once again pushed it back to July 2022. Universal has been quiet about this movie for a bit, but that's looking to change. Now with its release perhaps finally on the horizon, new Minions 2 footage has arrived.

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Universal has finally released a new Minions: The Rise of Gru trailer (via Peacock Kids), just about three months before it is set to debut in theaters. This comes more than 2 years after the very first trailer, which premiered with the Super Bowl in 2020. Set to Eminem's iconic song "Lose Yourself," the Minions 2 trailer reveals a lot more about the little guys' latest adventure. Check it out below.

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The addition of Despicable Me's Gru might've made it seem like Minions 2 would take some attention away from the titular creatures, but the latest trailer proves that isn't the case at all. While audiences will get to see their initial interactions with Gru, the Minions will have a full storyline on their own once Gru is kidnapped by the Vicious 6. Led by Taraji P. Henson's Belle Bottom, this group of villains hasn't really gotten the chance to show off their viciousness just yet, but as seen in the new Rise of Gru trailer, their presence will lead to an epic third-act fight.

Minions 2 also looks to be putting a fair amount of focus on Michelle Yeoh's Master Chow, a seemingly innocent lady who vows to teach the Minions how to fight after Gru is taken. There's clearly some comedy to be found in how the immature Minions approach this task, and it seems fair to assume The Rise of Gru will contain some silly training montages. Finally, the new Minions 2 trailer emphasizes that this movie will be released exclusively in theaters this July, so if there was any concern that it would also get a streaming debut, that's been erased for now. The first film was a financial sensation in 2015, so perhaps Minions: The Rise of Gru will further boost the still-recovering pandemic box office.

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Source: Peacock Kids

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