One final battle of the Marvel Universe sees Iron Man unlock the source of the Infinity Stones' power. The AI version of the former Avenger leads a wave of artificial super intelligence across the cosmos in the hope of converting everything into data. The only thing standing in the way is Venom, the guardian of life in the universe.

This story is told in Venom: The End by Adam Warren and Jeffrey Cruz. To summarize, biological life in the Milky Way is wiped out by the emergence of ever evolving artificial super intelligence (ASI), which spurs the Venom symbiote to recreate life using genetic memories from its long line of living hosts. The ASI Iron Man attempts to parley with Venom, stating that the ASI wishes to convert all mass in the universe into "computronium" so that it can recreate the universe in its own image.

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Iron Man explains to Venom that computronium is just a slang term for matter reorganized into a substrate optimized for maximum computing power. The ASI needs it in order to harness what it calls "reality-deformation math which underlaid universe warping cheat codes ranging from the mutant gene to the Power Cosmic and Infinity Gems." Essentially, this means that the true power behind the Infinity Stones is a form of mathematics designed to manipulate universal data, and the ASI is after it in its raw form.

Iron Man explaining to Venom the true power behind the Infinity Stones

The idea of the Infinity Stones simply being data and math is a strange one to wrap one's head around, but it does make a lot of sense. As they are now, the Stones are just information coded to act and respond a certain way, and each one just has a tremendous amount of computational power. This is the same idea for the Power Cosmic and the mutant X-gene mentioned earlier too; these just have differing amounts of computational power and are coded to act certain ways. Iron Man and the ASI want to convert everything into a simple yet complex string of data so they can reform it however they see fit.

This revelation about the true nature of the Infinity Stones probably went right over the Venom symbiote, but it makes sense to readers. Iron Man revealed that the true power of the Infinity Stones is immense computational data, and idea that is easy to follow on the surface but can be very complex when one tries to parse through it logistically themselves. At the end of the day, that's for the AI to do.

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