Warning: Spoilers for Halo episode 2 ahead.

Screen Rant presents a new clip for Halo episode 3, "Emergence," which premieres April 7 on Paramount+. The scene shows Miranda Keyes (Olive Gray) being shown the mysterious artifact by Admiral Parangosky (Shabana Azmi). It is the same object Master Chief found on the planet Madrigal in episode 1, which the Covenant believes will lead them to “the ring” - the super weapon for which Halo is named. Despite being set in an alternate "Silver timeline," it's clear the new series wants to hit the ground running when it comes to incorporating video game lore.

In the new clip shared by Paramount+ ahead of tomorrow's episode, Keyes revels in the beauty and potential value of the strange object while Admiral Parangosky regales her with facts about its history. Her attitude takes a turn for the dour, however, when she hears that Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) has already conferred with others about the implications of the artifact before she herself was given the chance to learn about it. The complicated dynamic between her and Dr. Halsey, who many fans were surprised to learn was Keyes' mother, certainly add to the tension present in the scene.

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Despite the shift in enthusiasm, however, Parangosky still offers Keyes the chance to lead a team that will uncover more about the artifact. Veteran players of the video game series and those familiar with the extracanonical lore of Halo are sure to be a few steps ahead of the characters here, but it's hard not to get excited when Keyes learns she's being tasked with leading a parallel team to discover the strange artifact's secrets. Check out the clip below:

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With humans is a race against the Covenant to reach the Halo Array, things are sure to come to a head over the course of season 1. Thankfully, the series was renewed for a second season before it even premiered, so audiences will not be left hanging after what promises to be an epic climax down the line. It will be interesting to see how Keyes and Master Chief interact with each other in the wake of her recent and future discoveries. As the series mixes together over two decades of video game history in order to craft a compelling onscreen narrative, there will be plenty of surprises in store for older fans and newcomers alike.

The 26th-century conflict between humanity and the alien threat known as the Covenant continues Thursday, April 7 on Paramount+. Will Makee, the human in league with the aliens, get in the way of either Master Chief or Keyes? Viewers will find out when "Emergence" premieres.

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