The fan-favorite golf game Everybody's Golf will no longer be available for PlayStation 4 players to play online. The game launched in October of 2017 and has been a popular addition to the roster of golf games available for fans of the sport. Aside from titles like Mario Golf: Super Rush and A Little Golf Journey, good golf games are few and far in between, and this news was upsetting to many fans of the game.

Everybody's Golf is a quirky solo or multiplayer game where players can choose from multiple different characters and start golfing. The game can be played together in one room, or online with friends and other people. Players were able to run around online and communicate with other players across the globe in a fun and bright setting. There are many features to the game that people enjoy, but the online mode was the main draw for many. Unlike the serene A Little Golf Journey, Everybody's Golf put players on the green in an almost realistic manner. They had to account for wind, temperature, and other atmospheric issues that would change the trajectory of their ball. There is also a more recent VR game known as Everybody's Golf VR, but there is no online mode available in that version.

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EuroGamer reported that Everybody's Golf's online servers will go dark on September 30th. This means that players will no longer have the ability to play with their friends online. The game is still couch co-op, so friends can play in the same room if they should choose to. This change comes as a shock to fans who still regularly play online. The online mode for PlayStation players allowed fans to join in with people from around the globe to play some golf. There were different game mode options available for players to enjoy, but now unfortunately this will no longer be an option.

The online feature is not the only one being eliminated from the game. The other features that will no longer be available are open course selection, which allowed players to jump onto a course and run around freely to the golf hole they wanted to begin on.  The other feature being eliminated is the TurfWar mode. TurfWar was an online mode that put players into two teams and set them free on a course. The players would then go head-to-head trying to claim as many holes as they can. No reason has been given by Sony as to why they are shutting down the servers, but speculation indicates that it is because of how costly it is to maintain them.

Regardless of the reasoning, fans of Everybody's Golf are still upset by the news. The fanbase of Everybody's Golf will still have solo mode, but this change will definitely leave fans wanting more. This news has now made players hopeful that maybe this means Sony is working on another installment of the Everybody's Golf franchise, though nothing has been announced as of yet.

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Source: EuroGamer

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