Actor Ethan Hawke’s children didn’t realize the actor they had been watching perform in Disney’s White Fang was actually their dad. While his kids might not recognize Hawke's acting, audiences are likely to. The star has racked up a plethora of credits throughout his career. He began acting in the mid-1980s, gaining some impressive roles in his early career, including Dead Poet Society and Disney’s 1991 adaptation of Jack London's classic novel White Fang. Hawke starred as Jack Conroy, a young man who goes to Alaska to search for a gold mine and ends up bonding with a poorly treated dog/wolf hybrid.

Most recently, Hawke added Marvel’s latest TV series, Moon Knight, to his admirable CV. The actor plays the series antagonist Arthur Harrow, a cult leader, opposite Oscar Isaac’s portrayal of the titular character. Moon Knight follows Steven Grant (Isaac), as he loses periods of his life to blackouts, waking up in strange locations. Audiences were just introduced to Hawke’s interpretation of Arthur Harrow on Disney+ on March 30 with the premiere of Moon Knight. Already viewers are raving about it, gaining Moon Knight 94% audience approval on Rotten Tomatoes. With only one of its six episodes released, the series likely only going to become increasingly popular as more viewers tune in each week.

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In an interview with People posted to the actor's Instagram while promoting Moon Knight, Hawke suggested that his kids aren’t fully accustomed to his famous acting career. In fact, Hawke said he believes that his Moon Knight role is the first time some of his four children may have realised what his job is. The actor laughed, reminiscing about a recent event where his kids watched over an hour of White Fang without recognizing their dad as the lead. Read the full quote below:

The truth is they [Hawke's kids] all watched White Fang the other day, and they were literally an hour and 15 minutes into that movie. I’m in every frame of that movie. I’m like, “how do you like it, guys?” and they’re like, “it’s okay, when are you going to come on?” I was so hurt, I’m even recognizable. And they were like, “what do you mean?” and I’m like, “that one with the crooked tooth.” (Mimicking their gasps) “That’s you?”

Ethan Hawke sitting on ground with White Fang

However, not all Hawke's kids could be completely surprised by his fame. The actor's oldest daughter, Maya Hawke is herself a star of Stranger Things, and even gave him some advice on entering the Marvel franchise. She advised her father to work with the audience to create something they both could be proud of, encouraging him to “respect their fandom” as he encounters such a spirited fanbase. Given her role as Robin in Stranger Things, it's unsurprising that Hawke's daughter is well versed in this kind of passionate fanbase.

As it has been over 30 years since White Fang’s release, Hawke’s younger children can be cut some slack for not recognizing him. While this could have been disheartening for the star, Hawke takes the realization that he doesn’t quite look like his 21-year-old self anymore with good humor. And after all, as he works on new projects like Marvel's Moon Knight, Hawke is sure to have a whole new generation of fans who will recognize him, even when his kids don’t.

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