A new trailer for The Bob's Burgers Movie showcases an epic, mysterious adventure to save the restaurant. The main cast of the hit animated series are back for the first full-length feature, including Bob (H. Jon Benjamin), Tina (Dan Mintz), Gene (Eugene Mirman), Linda (John Roberts), and Louise (Kristen Schaal). Additional voice cast members include Larry Murphy, Zach Galifianakis, and Kevin Kline. The Bob's Burgers Movie is directed by series creator Loren Bouchard, along with Bernard Derriman, with a screenplay by Bouchard and Nora Smith.

Bob's Burgers first aired in 2011 and has run for twelve seasons thus far, becoming one of the more popular animated shows still running. Bob's Burgers season 12 ends in May, with the movie debuting in theaters a week later. The show centers on Bob Belcher and his family, who run a burger restaurant in a seaside town, where they continuously get into misadventures, often spearheaded by their daughter, Louise. The show is also known to have infrequent musical numbers as well.

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A new trailer for The Bob's Burgers Movie from 20th Century Studios debuted at WonderCon, which gives a better idea of how the movie will play out. The trailer shows a sinkhole opening up in front of the restaurant, which puts the business in jeopardy, while the kids go on a mysterious, epic adventure that looks to involve a carnival, a concert, weird creatures, a robot, horses on a beach, superpowers, and a talking hamburger. It all leads to getting the family back behind the counter where they belong, but getting there looks to be a wild challenge befitting of the Belcher family. Check out the trailer below:

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Bob's Burgers was acquired by 20th Century Fox Television in 2015, sharing the rights with Adult Swim, eventually joining the line-up at FXX. The film falls under Disney now, who acquired Fox in 2019, and will be distributed under the 20th Century Studios label. Currently, Bob's Burgers is not on Disney+ (in the U.S.) but is airing all seasons and all episodes on Hulu.

Fans of Bob's Burgers are sure to be hyped for the movie, which looks to follow the tradition of animated show adaptations where everything is bigger and wilder than typically seen in the episodic series, much like The Simpsons did back in 2007. As Bob's Burgers is typically full of one-off style episodes, focusing more on the characters than a continuous narrative, it should be easy enough for non-fans to enjoy the movie as much as the hardcore ones, as they won't have to do a lot of catching up to get into the story. It's been a while since a TV-to-feature animated movie was released in theaters, so it will be interesting to see how The Bob's Burgers Movie plays to audiences when it's released on May 27, 2022.

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Source: 20th Century Studios

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