TC Phillips

TC Phillips is a scribbler, mess maker, and storyteller by nature. He is also a publisher and an author of his own special brand of warped fiction, and he revels in delving headfirst into all things strange, bizarre, and fantastical. A self-proclaimed nerd of the highest order, the vibrational energy generated by his constant state of fanboy excitement should probably be harnessed to power a small city. When his pancreas is not screaming under the pressure of his dietary habits, he is constantly befuddled by his three children and amazed that his long-suffering wife has not yet taken it upon herself to murder him in his sleep. He Tweets at @T_C_Phillips


Batman Returns Pitch Meeting

Batman Returns Pitch Meeting

Ryan George returns to set his sights on 1992's Batman Returns in a hilarious new Pitch Meeting video, which lampoons the Tim Burton sequel.

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